Skipper Training
Level – Intermediate

If you are new to sailing or have some experience and want to hone your skills, this is where to begin. This course, when combined with practical on-the-water training and assessment with Houston Sailing, is officially approved as meeting the On-Water Recreational Boating Skills Standard – SAIL developed by the United States Coast Guard. It is the only course in the world approved to this high standard. (Yes, this means the other programs are not following the Coast Guard standards.)

With this class and a minimum of 10 days logged into your logbook you will be awarded the Skipper Rank Level I Sailing Certification. This satisfies adequate training for many insurance companies.

The Skipper training is often combined with the Qualified Crew Member course where one person will be the skipper and the other is mostly interested in crewing. Man and wife or couple teams are a great example and, more often than one might think, it is the the female that is going to be running the show.

Topics include:

  • Safety Equipment
  • Weather and Sea Conditions
  • Electrical Systems
  • Auxiliary Power
  • Rigging: Standing and Running
  • Rules of the Road
  • Slip Departure and Return
  • Sailing
  • Communications & Navigation
  • Anchoring and Mooring
  • Coping with Emergencies

Training Includes:
NauticEd Skipper – Large Keelboat online course
FREE Basic Sail Trim online course and FREE Navigation Rules course
FREE NauticEd electronic online logbook
40 hours of on-the-water practical instruction (recommended is 10 x 4 hour sessions)

Upon successful demonstration of competence, completion of the online courses, and 10 total sailing days logged into your logbook, you will receive the NauticEd internationally recognized Skipper Rank Level I.


$3,500.00 for 10 x 4 hour classes ($500 off of our daily rate) plus $95.00 for the online class bundle.

Click HERE to sign up for the online classes. You will billed separately for the on-the-water portion.

Classes are held any day and time that works for your schedule.