Qualified Crew Training
Level – Beginner

“Trim the jib sheet”, “Bear away to a beam reach”, “Move the traveler a little to windward”. Does this sound like a foreign language? Well, it is! Sailors use a lot of terms that are very specific to a sailboat. Not only should you know what they mean, you should know how to perform simple tasks. Once you understand how a sailboat works and the proper names of those “thingamajigs” you will begin to feel and act like a useful part of the crew. Trust us, captains LOVE to have qualified crew on board and your enjoyment of the boat will increase dramatically with a little training and experience.

If you are new to sailing or want to assist in the operation of a sailboat, this is the place to start. 

The Qualified Crew Member training is often combined with the skipper course where one person will be the skipper and the other is mostly interested in crewing. Man and wife or couple teams are a great example and, more often than one might think, it is the the female that is going to be running the show.

Topics include:

  • Terminology
  • Safety Equipment
  • Parts of the boat
  • Auxiliary Power
  • Rigging
  • Rules of the Road
  • Slip Departure and Return
  • Sailing
  • Communications & Navigation
  • Anchoring and Mooring

Training Includes:
NauticEd Qualified Crew online course
FREE Basic Sail Trim online course and FREE Navigation Rules course
FREE NauticEd electronic online logbook
7+ hours in 1 day of on-the-water practical instruction 

Upon successful demonstration of competence, completion of the online courses, and an additional 3 days of sailing (4 total) logged into your logbook, you will receive the NauticEd internationally recognized Qualified Crew Rank Level I.

Private Course: $800– Private course with you and the instructor.
Couples Course: $950– Private course for you and your partner.
Family Course: $1050– Private Course for 3-4 people.

Classes are held any day and time that works for your schedule.