Learn To Sail

From land lubbers to salty dogs, Houston Sailing offers lessons and certifications for all levels of sailors. Learn on our boats or yours. Houston Sailing believes that learning should be a natural process. Since the advent and acceptance of computer usage in everyday life, it just makes sense to incorporate digital learning with hands-on training. We have done our homework and feel that NauticEd offers the best programs for beginners and experienced sailors alike. We offer 2 free courses and a free logbook just for checking it out.

Houston Sailing has teamed up with NauticEd to offer multimedia online and mobile device sailing courses for complete beginners through advanced students, all surpassing international standards. Theory is taught online followed up with on-the-water instruction and certification.

If you are brand new to sailing and would like to find out if you might like it we offer a 3-hour Introduction to Sailing for up to 4 people. 


Houston Sailing is a certified NauticEd school. We believe that learning should be fun and at your own pace. Once you complete, or even as you are taking the classes, we will give you practical, hands-on experience. Once you have completed the online courses and been deemed proficient in your skills, we will sign off on your digital logbook that can then be shared with others including insurance companies and charter bases.

NauticEd certification is recognized by all major chartering companies. Some regions in the world require an advanced sailing license. Houston Sailing can get you there! We offer the International Sailing License and Credentials (SLC) which is a recreational sailing license valid for all yacht charter companies worldwide including Europe and the Seychelles.

Crew Member Training

Learn how to crew a sailing yacht and be an asset on deck. If you’re wanting to contribute as a crew member either on local sailing trips or on a sailing vacation, get started here.

This course is usually combined where one family member is seeking a skipper competence grade and one is seeking to be a knowledgeable helping hand. Upon a successful passing grade of the theory course and practical training and assessment, the candidate will receive a recognized NauticEd Qualified Crew certification.

Skipper Large Keel Boat

Skippering a large sailboat can be daunting, but with the right education and experience you will find it will start to come naturally. 

When sailing a large sailboat you really have to know what you are doing. When you learn from Houston Sailing we will make you a competent sailor and will stick with you every step of the way

Upon a successful pass of theory and practical training and assessment, you will earn the NauticEd Skipper certification. 

Bareboat Charter Master

A master is someone who knows their stuff inside and out. Our Bareboat Charter Master Sailing certification requires lots of experience, lots of course work and an extensive demonstration of your practical skills.

This is not a weekend warrior, zero to hero certification, upon completion of the requirements, you will truly be accepted in to the elite group of those who can call a charter company anywhere in the world – and go. Additional licensing requirements are required for the Mediterranean and Seychelles

Cruising Catamaran Endorsement

Cruising catamarans are the most popular type of charter yacht in the Caribbean and Suzie & Terry’s favorite. Learn how to handle one of these big cats through our Catamaran endorsement program.

If you ever want to skipper a catamaran for a day trip or on a week long charter sailing vacation in the Caribbean or Mediterranean, you’ll need to convince the charter company that you can handle such a vessel. A NauticEd Catamaran Endorsement is your ticket. Get started on your Catamaran Endorsement today.

International Sailing License

The International Sailing License and Credentials (SLC) is a recreational sailing license valid for all yacht charter companies worldwide including Europe and the Seychelles. To gain an SLC, the candidate must hold a national government boating license or certificate (NASBLA State Boater License or State Boating Safety Certificate for USA or PCOC for Canada), pass an online suite of theoretical knowledge courses and tests appropriate for bareboat chartering, log previous sufficient sailing experience, and demonstrate sailing skills according to internationally established sailing standards.


Houston Sailing offers non-certification courses. These could be general sailing courses or the honing of a particular skill like docking or sail trim. We are happy to take you out on one of our boats or meet you on yours to share our knowledge and our love of the sport. Contact us to set up a custom sailing class.