Houston Sailing

Houston Sailing was started by Capt. Terry and Suzie Grover in 2019. We are proud to provide a premier sailing school and yacht charter brokerage on the Gulf Coast, located on Galveston Bay, Texas. We offer sailing lessons and certifications for all levels of sailors. Houston Sailing also works with multiple charter companies offering bareboat and crewed sailing vacations to the BVI and other destinations worldwide.

Learn to sail

Sailing can be as relaxing or as exciting as you choose to make it. Some like the challenge of harnessing nature to compete against other boats in races and regattas.  Others just want the peace and relaxation that comes with gliding through the water on a warm summer’s day. One thing for sure, it won’t be safe or fun unless you know what you are doing.

Sailing is easier than you think

You are never too young or too old to start sailing. Sure, it’s good to know all of the terminology and details of how a sailboat works but it’s more important to just get out there and learn the basics. After receiving a little hands-on training and experience, you will be able to handle a small sailboat and start enjoying sailing in just a few days. If you are already a sailor and looking for the finer points or extra practice, Houston Sailing is happy to help guide you into a world of adventure that most people only dream of.

Take sailing to the next level

When you get the proper training, a whole new world will open up to you. For many students the goal is to be able to charter a sailboat in an exciting destination.  Houston Sailing can get you the certifications and experience you need to be able to charter from one of our partner companies including The Moorings, Sunsail, Dream Yacht Charters and more. The most popular destination for chartering is the British Virgin Islands, commonly known as the BVI. We have been going there for years and will help you plan and charter the right boat. We love it so much we may just go with you!